How to Access Consensus Beta

In this article we will review how to use the Consensus beta to access your Account or use our Consensus Playground Account to test new beta features

At Consensus, we are constantly working on adding and updating features to give you the best experience possible. With some of our Larger features that have a big impact on your account, we utilize a Beta release approach to allow you to preview these features before they are released into the Production environment. In this article we'll walk through how beta works for Consensus, as well as different ways you can access beta to get familiar with these upcoming features

How Consensus Beta Works

The Consensus Beta environment is connected to the same database that drives the live Production environment. That means that anything you adjust in your Account within beta WILL also be adjusted within your Production environment, even if that feature doesn't yet show within the Production environment. This also means that you can use the Beta environment to set things up that will then show within your Account once the feature has been released to the Production Environment.

anything you adjust in your Account within beta WILL also be adjusted within your Production environment...

Accessing Consensus Beta

You can access the Consensus Beta environment by simply logging into your Account via the beta login page, The beta environment is open to any User that wants to explore the new features available in beta, however Users will still be restricted by their User Roles and Permissions that have been set for them.


Beta Login URL:

The Beta Playground Account

Too nervous to access beta using your own Account? We created a Consensus Playground Account you can use to access beta in an environment that is completely separated from your Account. This allows you to dig into the beta features within having to worry about messing up your own Account on accident!

Playground Rules

Just like any other playground, there are  few rules to abide by to make sure the playground stays clean and can be a great place for all to explore.

  • Keep it clean - You can create Demos, New Users, or anything you want in the playground, but let's keep it PG 😀
  • Keep it safe - This playground account is open to any User, so make sure you don't add ANY personal information
  • Nothing is permanent - This is an open playground with lots of explorers so anything you add may (and most likely) will get edited or deleted at some point. Don't setup anything within the playground that you don't want to get deleted.

The Consensus Playground Account will be accessed through the same beta login at From the beta login screen, you can use any of the credentials below to login and explore. There are logins using all of the different Consensus Roles so you can get an idea of how the feature experience will be for your different Users.

Beta Login URL:

Playground User Logins:


Email PW CAdmin1$ CAdmin2$ CAdmin3$ CAdmin4$ CAdmin1$ CAdmin2$ CAdmin3$ CAdmin4$



Email PW CContentManager1$ CContentManager2$ CContentManager3$ CContentManager4$ CContentManager1$ CContentManager2$ CContentManager3$ CContentManager4$



Email PW CPresales1$ CPresales2$ CPresales3$ CPresales4$ CPresales1$ CPresales2$ CPresales3$ CPresales4$



Email PW CSalesSnap1$ CSalesSnap2$ CSalesSnap3$ CSalesSnap4$ CSalesSnap1$ CSalesSnap2$ CSalesSnap3$ CSalesSnap4$



Email PW CSales1$ CSales2$ CSales3$ CSales4$ CSales1$ CSales2$ CSales3$ CSales4$



Email PW CMarketing1$ CMarketing2$ CMarketing3$ CMarketing4$ CMarketing1$ CMarketing2$ CMarketing3$ CMarketing4$