Marketo - Sending Leads to Marketo (Web to Lead Integration)

Leads captured by your account's Lead Capture Form can be sent to Marketo automatically using Consensus' Web to Lead feature in conjunction with a Marketo form.

  1. To get started, login to Marketo, click on Admin at the top right of the page, and then click Field Management in the left hand side bar under Database Management. Doing so will take you to a page that looks like the following:
  2. Click on New Custom Field at the top, choose Text Area next to Type, and enter Demo Comment next to Name. Leave the API Name as is. It should look like the following:
  3. Click the Create button and repeat this process four more times in order to create the following additional custom fields. If the custom fields you are using don’t already exist in Marketo, you’ll need to repeat the process for each field and use a type of “String”.
      • Type: String
      • Name: Demo Name
      • Type: String
      • Name: Demo Very Important Features
      • Type: String
      • Name: Demo Somewhat Important Features
      • Type: String
      • Name: Demo Not Important Features

  4. Click on the Marketo logo at the top left of the page, and then click on Design Studio as shown below:
    • If you have created custom fields for your demo’s lead collection form, you’ll also want to create those in Marketo now. You can find these fields by clicking the wheel in the upper right-hand corner, Integrations, Lead Capture Form
    • Custom dropdown fields do not need dropdown selections created in Marketo. The selection made within the Lead Form will be passed over as text.

      With these new custom fields in place, we are now ready to create a new form that will allow Marketo to receive information from your Lead Capture Form.

  5. Next, click on New at the top of the page, and then click on New Form:
  6. Assign this form to whatever folder you choose or accept the default, enter a name, and optionally add a description. Here is a quick example:
    • Click Create. A new window will launch, click Edit Form which will take you to a page like the following:
    • At this point, click the plus icon at the top to add a new field, then choose Company Name from the drop down menu. Repeat this process for the following fields as well:
      Phone Number
      Job Title
      State (make sure you change the “Field Type” for this to “Text”)
      Demo Comments
      Demo Name
      Demo Very Important Features
      Demo Somewhat Important Features
      Demo Not Important Features

      If you are using custom fields, you’ll want to add those here as well. Optionally, you may also wish to add the Lead Source field to the form in order to identify these leads as coming from Consensus.

      The form should now look something like the following in Preview Draft:
    • Next, click Edit Draft and on the edit page click Finish at the top right of the page and then click Approve and Close. The window then closes and you are taken back to the page you were on before creating the form.
    • Confirm that the form you just created is selected in the left hand side bar, click Form Actions at the top, and then click Embed Code as shown below:
    • The embed code for the form is then displayed. In order to connect Marketo with Consensus, there are few pieces of information that are needed from this embed code:

      The first piece is the domain name ( in this case), the second piece is the Munchkin ID (927-OJW-811), and the third piece is the Form ID (1006). This information will be used in the next step.

    • Next, login to Consensus and click on the wheel icon upper right-hand corner, then click on Settings. Click on the Web to Lead Integration tab at the top of the page. It is here that the Consensus fields will be mapped to the Marketo fields.
      For the Post to URL, enter the following:

      Replace the domain name portion of this URL (in bold above) with the domain name you saved from earlier.
    • Enter the following values under the ID/Name Your Script Expects column:
        • FirstName
        • LastName
        • Company
        • Email
        • Phone
        • Title
        • State
        • Country
        • demoComments
        • demoName
        • demoVeryImportantFeatures
        • demoSomewhatImportantFeatures
        • demoNotImportantFeatures

        Further below, under ID/Name for Additional Fields, enter the following custom names and values:
          • formid: 1006
          • formVid: 1006
          • munchkinId: 927-OJW-811

        Use the Form ID you obtained earlier for the first two bold values above next to formid and formVid. Use your Munchkin ID for the third bold value above next to munchkinId.

        Optionally, if you added a Lead Source to the Marketo form earlier, add that custom field here as well by entering “LeadSource” as the name and “Consensus” or something similar as the value. The page should now look something like the following:

        Click Save.

        New leads received from Consensus' lead collection form (shown below) will now be automatically sent to Marketo.

        Note that within the Marketo system, email addresses are the unique identifier. When leads are submitted through this process, Marketo’s deduplication feature will update the lead’s information if a lead already exists in Marketo with the same email email address, rather than creating a new lead record.