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Restoring Deleted Demos

In this article we will review how to restore a demo you have accidentally deleted, or an old deleted demo you need to bring back.

Deleting a demo will completely remove all demolytics associated with it from your account. This includes any DemoBoards or Leads created with the demo. This can be a great way to remove test data that you no longer want in your account, but if you accidentally deleted the demo we've made sure you can easily get your information back.

Deleted Demos

You can find your deleted demos at the very bottom of the Manage Demos page.

Underneath your Single Video Demos you will find the Deleted Demos section. This demo is collapsed by default to help you focus on your active Demos. Simply click on the down arrow () to open the Deleted Demos section.

Restoring Deleted Demo

To restore your deleted Demo, simply follow the below steps

  • Within Deleted Demos, search for the demo you want to Restore
  • Select the Restore Icon () under the action column of the Demo you want to Restore

That's it! Your Demo (along with all demolytics, DemoBoards & Leads) is now restored and available for you to use and view its demolytics.