The Consensus Mobile App (iOS)

Learn how you can quickly and easily create & Track DemoBoards right from your iOS Device

The Consensus iOS App gives you access to create and track DemoBoards from anywhere! In this article we will walk through using the Consensus Mobile App to bring your prospecting and stakeholder discover and engagement to the next level. You can find the Consensus Mobile App here

The Dashboard

The Consensus Mobile App Dashboard is built to give you quick insights into your most recently active DemoBoards, along with quick actions:

    1. This section shows up to 15 Cards of your most recently viewed DemoBoards so you can quickly and easily see
        1. View the DemoBoard Organization Name at the top of the Card
        2. View the initials of the Recipient that last viewed the DemoBoard along with how long ago the viewed it
        3. See how many Recipients are included within the DemoBoard
        4. Quickly see high level view data of the DemoBoard included those that have engaged most based on View Time
    1. This allows you to jump quickly in Creating or Tracking DemoBoards along with a quick link to your Profile within the Web App.
    1. This allows you to set how your DemoBoard cards are presented within the ACTIVE DEMOBOARDS section

Create DemoBoards

The Consensus Mobile App allows you to create and share a DemoBoard from anywhere! Easily create a DemoBoard with any of your Demos and even add a Custom Personal Intro Video right from your mobile device. Below we will walk through the Create DemoBoard flow within the Mobile App.

Step 1: Choose Demo

  1. Use Search to easily find the Demo you are looking for
  2. Icons are used to indicate Demo Type
    1.    Advanced Branching Demo
    2.    Standard Personalization Demo
    3.    Single Video Demo
  3. Click the Info icon () to see details about the Demo
  4. Use the Configure tool to set how the Demos are presented to you

    STEP 2: Recipients

    1. Add the Organization your DemoBoard is being created for
    2. Add recipients for your DemoBoard
      1. the Consensus Mobile App can pull directly from your Contacts to make adding recipients easy!

    STEP 3: Personal Intro

    1. If you already have a Default Personal Intro Video created, the Consensus Mobile App will default to it.
      1. Easily add a Custom Personal Intro Video for your DemoBoard by clicking the Video setting
      2. You can then create a Custom PIV for this specific DemoBoard
        1. You will want to make sure to allow the Consensus Mobile App to access your camera and mic to be able to record your video
        2. You can also preview your PIV to make sure it is set the way you want!

    STEP 4: Share Link

    1. Set any additional DemoBoard Options for your DemoBoard like Users for Tracking & Notifications
    2. Determine which Link Type you want to share with your Prospects. Consensus provides you with an Image, Button, or Text link option
    3. Now simply Share the Demo with your prospects using the Apps right on your phone!
      1. NOTE* Not all apps support image links
    4. Preview the DemoBoard to see what your Recipients will experience!
      1. Don't worry, we won't track any analytics for the Preview link.

    DemoBoard Views and Shares for your Demos will trigger push notifications so you know the instant there is action for your demos. These notifications will trigger for all of your DemoBoards regardless of where they are created.

    Track DemoBoards

    The Consensus iOS App allows you to easily track the activity of your DemoBoards from anywhere. Drill down to see feature ratings and individual View Cards for your Recipients.

    1. High Level Demo Stats - Views Aggregate stats for DemoBoards. This can be configured to show the last 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months or 1 year.
    2. DemoBoard List - This shows the list of all of your DemoBoards including the DemoBoard Organization Name, Total View Time, Number of views and Shares
      1. Click down into your DemoBoard to see stats for the Demo and individual Recipients
          1. Click the Link icon to grad the DemoBoard link
          2. Click into a Recipient to see view details for that recipient
          3. Click into the Demo to see Demo view Details

    Drill Down

    Within the Consensus Mobile App, you can drill down into the view stats of your Recipients. Easily see how long they engaged as well as their feature ratings branching responses!

    1. Demo Details
    2. Viewer Details

    App Navigation

    You can select the upper left menu to access quick links from anywhere in the mobile app. This allows you to jump directly to the Dashboard, Create DemoBoards, Track DemoBoards or the Consensus Knowledge Base. This is also where you can Sign Out of your Account if needed

    • NOTE* Knowledge Base link leads to the Consensus Knowledge Base online
    • Within the Menu you can also Sync your Contacts from your Gmail and 
      • Within Sync My Contacts, select 'Add New Account'
      • Then select the service you want to sync to
      • Once you go through the authentication process you will see your Account listed within your Phone Book: