Adding Notifiers in Consensus Snap

Consensus notifies you via email when a prospect views or shares your demo. You can add other team members as "Notifiers" which will allow them to receive the same email notifications as well as give them the ability to see the heat maps/demolytics that you'd see in your account (for that specific demo).

NOTE: Users must have Sales Demolytics permissions to be added to a notification group.

To add Notifiers to a Snap Demo, Open Snap and either record, upload, or select from an existing demo that you’d like to send to a prospect

Once you’ve selected the demo you’d like to send click Continue.

Fill out the required fields (Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Email) and select Create Link.

Before you create a copy of the link, click on Notifications And Access (at the bottom of the Snap page). Select which individual users, groups, or divisions you'd like to have added to the notification section. 

Each user/group you add to the Notify section will receive the same notifications you receive when the prospect watches or shares the demo you send:

You also have the chance to add notifiers to demoboards that have already been sent out. By going to Track, clicking the chain link icon you will see below the demoboard an option to add notifiers.