Adding captions to your videos in Screencast-O-Matic

Creating content that is more accessible for prospects has never been easier. When it comes to adding closed captions to your videos Screencast-O-Matic has three easy methods of upgrading your videos. After you have recorded and edited your video you will see the CC or “closed captions” button. From there you can click and choose the method for adding captions to your video, and then the green start button. Below are your three options, however, I would recommend using speech-to-text or blank captions.



1. Captions from file - You can load captions from a text or captions file that you have already typed out (.txt, .sbv, or .srt) then edit using the built in captions editor. 


2.  Speech-to-text - The easiest way of adding captions is utilizing the speech-to-text feature that is already built in. Click this option and then the green start button, it will then start to automatically add captions to the video. You will want to follow along though and make edits to the text when it has picked up something incorrectly. If you happened to record your video in another language like Spanish, all you need to do is click the little dropdown arrow next to the speech-to-text option and you will be able use the language you were speaking in. 




3. Blank captions - Using the blank captions will allow you to type the captions in manually. This will break the video down into sections where you can start to type the captions out. You will click the little play button for the given section to hear the audio. As you start to type the audio will pause allowing you to sync your text with the narration. 



Once you are finished with your captions and editing of the video you will publish the video, but before you click that button make sure you turn the “open captions” on.