Adjusting Viewer Privacy Within DemoBoard Links

Within a Consensus DemoBoard, the ‘Who Are You’ page is built to drive social pressure by showing who else has been invited to the DemoBoard. This helps drive engagement as recipients see other associates listed. The ‘Who Are You’ page also allows New Viewers to sign up to be able to enter into the DemoBoard. 

By default, the ‘Who Are You’ page shows the Name and Email associated with each viewer:

Consensus gives you the flexibility to determine what information your viewers can see about other recipients within their particular DemoBoard. To adjust these settings, click the gear icon () in the upper right hand corner then select Global Demo Settings:

The ‘Increase Viewer Privacy’ settings are found under the Account Settings tab. By default, this feature is turned off:

Once turned on, you will have two levels of Viewer Privacy you can set, Low and High:

Increase Viewer Privacy: Low


Setting the Viewer Privacy to Low will remove the email addresses of recipients within the ‘Who Are You’ page. This limits any contact information from being available:

Increase Viewer Privacy: High


Setting the Viewer Privacy to High will remove all Viewer information and require the Viewer to input their email address used within the DemoBoard in order to access the Demo. This completely hides any information about Viewers to ensure complete viewer privacy along with adding a level of Security by requiring viewer email:

NOTE*: These Account Settings hold true for all Demos and all Users. So the Privacy Setting you select with hold true for all DemoBoards created. It will also update for any DemoBoards previously created before the setting was updated.