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Archiving Demos

You have the ability to archive demos within Consensus. This can be done right inside of the Demo Library by selecting the "Archive" option within the additional actions: 

Archiving a demo does not render the demo inactive. It will become hidden from your demos list when creating a DemoBoard. Consequentially, the viewers who may still have access to an archived demo will still be able to watch it, and we still record the data for that demo. 

To unarchive a Demo: 

1. Navigate to your Demo Library.

2. Remove the "Hiding Archived Demos' filter (in purple) at the top of the Demo Library by selecting the "x" to the left of the filter. By default, Consensus hides all archived demos from the Demo Library through this filter each time.

3. Once the filter is cleared your previously archived Demos will appear at the end of the list of Demos. You may have to go to the last page of demos to find the demo you are looking for or if you know the name of the Demo you can use the search bar to find it. 

4. Within the "Actions" section of the Demo Library you'll see that only a box icon is present when a demo has been archived, select the icon to unarchive the Demo. 

Prefer a Video Tutorial: Watch a video explanation here