What do the little dots represent in Track DemoBoards and Qualified Leads?

Sometimes called the "Chili Pepper" scale, these dots represent video viewing time as an quick visual indicator of engagement.

Consensus uses what we sometimes call the ‘chili pepper’ scale (because of the flame that may appear when there is really "hot" engagement) to indicate how much time a prospect spent watching your demo. This chili pepper scale is represented by individual dots that go from Yellow to Red. Each dot represents around 2 minutes of view time:

There will be times where your prospects consume enough content that Consensus no longer represents this with individual dots, but will add a little flame to indicate the client/prospect is consuming a good deal of content:

It should be noted that the chili pepper scale does not factor in the total run time of your demo. If your demo is only two minutes long then chances are you’ll only see one dot on the scale. It does not represent the prospect consuming the full demo:

If you want to see which prospects are engaging the most or least, click the "sort" arrow on the Engagement column. Click it again to see it sorted in reverse order.