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ConsensusCon 2020 Presentation Recordings

Hear From Consensus CEO Garin Hess

ConsensusCon Keynote: How Demo Automation Scales Presales, Improves the Buying Experience, and Helps Infuse Passion into Sales Engineering Presented by Garin Hess

DEEP-C Fishing - The Buyer Enablement Framework Presented by Garin Hess



Implementation With Intention, Best Practices for Implementation Presented by Tony Francetic

Ramping Implementation Presented by Adam Freeman


Content Creation

Six Types of Video Content to Help Progress Your Sales Cycle Presented by Thomas Edwards


Presentations for Sales Leaders

It’s time for the ‘Tech Sales Role Mashup’ Presented by Don Carmichael

Get a Seat at the Table By Starting a Buyer Enablement Department Presented by Todd Janzen

How To Streamline the Sales Process Within an International Company Presented by Oliver Latour


Demoing Best Practices

Expansion and Renewal Demos Presented by Peter Cohan

Speed to Discovery is Speed to Influence Presented by Andy Paul

Right Demo, Right Place, Right Time Presented by Earl Feldman


Consensus Training and Best Practices

Best Run Demolytics Presented by Alex Asmus

The Magic Combination Consensus and Salesforce Presented by Brian Zurcher & Veronika Kirtsun

Become a Screen Recording Pro How Simple, How Quick Post-edits Can Improve Engagement Presented by Derek Zierenberg

Next Level Sales User Training Presented by Myles Taylor

Enabling Channel with Automated Demos Presented by Brian Zurcher

How a Consensus Sales Rep uses Demo Automation to Sell Consensus Presented by Taylor Jeffrey

Six Ways to Speed Up Sending Demoboards in your Workflow Presented by Alex Edwards

Consensus Product Roadmap Presented by Brian Zurcher