Create a Demoboard Link Using a Custom Image

There are three link options when it comes to creating a demboard link and the option we recommend is the image link. With the image link you also have the opportunity to customize what image will be associated with the link.  

The image link will default to allowing you to choose from four different screenshots from the video attached to the demo. You can view these by clicking the arrows below the image link. 

To upload your own custom image, you will just need to click "upload image" and now you have the opportunity to provide an even more personalized experience for your prospect.

Use an image that will encourage your prospect to open the link. You could use your company logo, an advertisement for one of your upcoming webinars, or even the profile picture you use for Linkedin. At this point I would also encourage you to include a custom message for your prospect, I like to point to the fact that the link is for a demo, and let them know the time commitment for watching the demo. 

Don't forget you can also upload a custom image if you are creating your demoboard using Consensus Snap.