Creating a Salesforce Connected App for Secure API (*Required*)

Creating a connected app for Secure API communication in Consensus SFDC integration - Updated for V11

  • Step: 1 Create a custom field at the user object.
  • From Setup select Object Manager.

  • In Quick find type User and select user object.

  • Move to the section Fields & relationship and click at add new field.

  • Select formula type and click next

  • Enter the field label and choose text and click next.

  • Insert field: Select ‘Email’ as shown below and click next.

  • Make it visible to the profiles which worked with Consensus and click next.
  • Add if needed to the layouts and click save.

Step: 2 Create a connected app.

  • From Setup, enter App in the Quick Find box, and select App Manager.
  • Click New Connected App.
  • In the Basic Information section enter required fields.

  • In the Web App Settings section:
    1) In the field: “Enable SAML” mark checkbox.
    2) In fields: Entity Id and ACS URL enter values obtained from Consensus.
    2.1) To gather Entity ID go to Consensus-->Settings-->Integrations-->SSO and get value from the field shown below.

                2.2) To get ACS URL go to URL from this field in a web browser

    Then get this value.

    For example,

    3) In the field: Subject Type choose Custom Attribute.
                3.1) In the Custom Attribute field select the field which we create at Step 1.
    4) In the field: Name ID Format choose urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:transient.
    5) In the field: Issuer enter URL your org, for example
    6) In the field: IdP Certificate choose Default IdP Certificate.
    7) In the field: Signing Algorithm for SAML Messages choose SHA1.


  • In the Custom Connected App Handler section:
    1) In the field: Apex Plugin Class choose “ConsensusSSOPlugin” class from the package.
    2) In the field: Run As choose your admin/integration user.

  • Click Save.
  • In the new window click the Manage button.
  • In the SAML Login Information section
    1) Share the field: Metadata Discovery Endpoint with the Consensus.

2) Get value from the field: IdP-Initiated Login URL (part after your domain, for example /idp/login?app=0sp5w000000TNEE.

  • Insert this value on the Consensus SFDC Configuration page in field: IdP login URL

  • In the Profiles section click manage profiles

    1) Add profiles that will work with the application and click save.