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Demo Expiration Setting

Within the Global Demo Settings, you have the ability to set a view limit on the demos your Sales Reps send out. This is a global setting so this will affect all demos in your platform (you’ll want to factor this into your decision).


If you see the need to turn this on then you’ll go to Global Demo Settings > Account Settings > Demo Expiration and then dictate how many views are allowed:



Once the prospect views the demo and reaches the limit you set in the system they’ll receive the following message:



Consensus' Best Practice:

There are some clients who want to limit the number of views a demo can have, however, our best practice is to allow the viewer to come back to the demo as many times as they'd like. We've experienced some prospects coming back to the same demo multiple times throughout their sales cycle.

Keeping the demo active allows the prospect to review the content and also presents more opportunities for that demo to be shared within the organization.