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Demo Language Settings

In Global Demo Settings, there is a new tab titled ‘Demo Language Settings’. In this new tab, you can choose to customize the opt-in message for each language you support. Follow the steps below to get started!

Select the gear icon, then select ‘Global Demo Settings’

Select ‘Demo Language Settings'

Now, you can select any language that you support, and edit the opt-in message for that language:


In this example, we will select ‘English’


This shows the opt-in message provided by Consensus. To edit the message, click the toggle that says ‘Customize’


You can then write your new opt-in message.



Please be aware that there is a 500 character limit to the opt-in message.



Note: We believe the opt-in message we have provided is sufficient for compliance purposes. Please note that if you customize the opt-in message, the following will apply:
You are choosing to customize the text message used to obtain a demo viewer’s consent to track their viewing activities. Doing so may cause [your company] to be non-compliant with data privacy regulations. By proceeding, Consensus disclaims, and you assume full responsibility for, any risk or liability resulting from your modification of these consent terms.