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Demoplayer Cookie Management

This article will review the cookie preference banner for the Consensus Demoplayer

Consensus takes the privacy and security of your viewers seriously. Accordingly, we include cookie acceptance and management across all Demos. 

Here are some highlights of what the cookie banner allows viewers to do:

  • Users can select to accept all cookies, reject all, or set their individual cookie preference
  • Once set, the cookie icon will remain persistent within the demo experience
  • Users can select the cookie icon to adjust their cookie preferences at any time.
  • The cookie banner language adapts to the language of your demo

About Cookies Used by Consensus

Consensus DOES NOT use any cookies for tracking Demolytics. Cookies are used for the following within the Demoplayer:

  • Functional cookies: This allows elements of the Demoplayer such as video play speed and volume to be persistent from feature to feature and demo to demo for the viewer
  • Targeting Cookies: These cookies are used to assist our marketing efforts and track actions anonymously for support and enhancement purposes.

NOTE* Consensus DOES NOT use any cookies for tracking Demolytics