Restricting DemoBoard Sharing by Email Domain

In this article we will review how you can restrict a Viewer from Sharing the DemoBoard outside of those email domains already included within the DemoBoard.

For some organizations, there’s a need to ensure the demo is only being shared with prospects within the same company. If you need to add an extra level of security or want the peace of mind knowing your demo won't get into your competitor's hands then we’d recommend turning this setting on.

To adjust this setting you’ll go to Settings > Global Demo Settings > Restrict Sharing by Email Domain

Once this is turned on, You will will have two options as to how you want to can access requests to a DemoBoard from outside of the email domains already included



Viewer Can Request Access

This is the default setting when Restrict Sharing is enabled and allows the Viewer to request access from the DemoBoard Creator or those included within the Notification & Access for the DemoBoard.
  • Who Are You Page Screenshot_388
    • Users are asked to 'Request Access' if the email does not align with the Email associated with the DemoBoard invite.
  •  Invite Others Page Screenshot_389
  • The Request is sent to Accept the Invite Screenshot_394
    • User can then Accept or Reject the Share
      •  Screenshot_391 
      • Screenshot_392
    • Once the Request is accepted the New Recipient is then added to the DemoBoard
    • Screenshot_395


Viewer Cannot Request Access

This options allows you to restrict the DemoBoard to only those that have the same email domain as those that already exist within the invite. Viewers do not have an option to Request Access with this option enabled.

  • Who Are You Page
  • Invite Others Page Screenshot_397


These options will help ensure that your demos stay within the appropriate company and your intellectual property is safe from potential competitors.