🌇 Goodbye Legacy Themes, Hello New Default Theme

Our two legacy themes will sunset in the first part of 2023. Learn how this process will work in this article.

Our two Legacy Themes are being sunset in the first part of 2023. All new feature development will be focusing on the New Default theme. With the 😎 New Default theme, you will be able to create Product Tours Experience, create demos with the new modern Consensus skin, and more!

When the Legacy themes are sunset, we will automatically migrate any Demo you have using the Legacy Flat or Transparent Themes will to the New Default theme within the Consensus Demo Builder. The recommended size for these logos are 400 px wide since we base the size on the aspect ratio of the file.

Below is how Logos and Colors will line up from the Legacy Themes into the New Default theme:


Note that the only difference between single experience and standard demo is that on the standard demo, there will be an option to add a sidebar logo.

Legacy Demos do not contain all of the color options of the new Default Theme (Cover Color & Hotspot Color). Because of this, when Demos are auto-migrated over the the New Default theme, system colors will be used. You can see these system default colors below.


Screenshot_331*Side bar logo is only available on Standard Personalized Demos (above image)


      *Tours color theme for Interactive Elements and CTA & Pop Up (above image)