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How do I edit an existing demo?

Unlike your typical video player, Consensus offers an opportunity to include a wide variety of contact information, next steps, and documentation you can include with your demo videos. This allows you to help drive your viewers through the buying cycle and ensure they have the information they need to asynchronously educate themselves on your products and services. When this information needs to be updated, we make it easy for you to jump in and adjust it on the fly!

Any updates or edits made to an existing Demo will automatically update all DemoBoards previously created. This includes changing logos, adding new logos, updating videos, adding tours, and uploading new documents. 

To update or edit an existing demo: 

  1. Navigate to the Demos dropdown found on the left-hand side within the menu bar and select "Demo Library
  2. Within the "My Demos" tab or the "Demo Library" tab find the Demo you want to edit.  
  3. In the "Actions" column, select the "pencil" icon of the Demo you want to edit.


4. With the Demo Wizard now open, you can edit the Demo as necessary. Don't forget to "Save!" 

A user must have the correct user role assigned and access level
to the demo in order to edit the demo.


For a quick reference of each Step for Standard Demos see below:

  • Step 1 - Demo Info
    • Demo Title (External & Internal) & Description
  • Step 2 - Demo Style Settings
    • Demoplayer Language, Images & Colors
    • Contact Information
  • Step 3 - Demo Content
    • Intro Video
    • Intro Tours & Documents
    • Feature Videos
    • Feature Tours & Documents
  • Step 4 - Stakeholder Actions
    • Share Button Label
    • Share Prompt 
    • BuyerBoard Options
  • Step 5 - Additional Interactions
    • Lead Gate Position (for Public Demos)
    • CTA Buttons
  • Step 6 - Finalize
    • Demo IDs
    • Demo Access Settings
    • Share to Social Media Options
    • Create DemoBoard