How to Add a Personal Intro Video Card to Your DemoBoards

In this article we will review the Personal Intro Video feature including how to enable it, setting up your Default & how Viewers will see your Personal Intro Video.

Personal Intro Videos give your Users an opportunity to add a video card on the Who Are You page of your DemoBoards. This allows Users to add a personalized message to introduce themselves on top of the personalized Demo you send them! 

Enabling Personal Intro videos in your Account

In order for your Users to take advantage of including a Personal Intro Video within their DemoBoards, it must first be enabled within your Account. Follow the steps below to ensure you have this feature enabled:

  1. Click the Gear Icon () in the upper right corner and select Global Demo Settings
  2. Within the Account Settings tab of the Global Demo Settings, turn ON Personal Intro Video Cards
  3. Once ON, select Save at the bottom of the Account Settings and Personal Intro Video Cards will now be available.

NOTE* System Roles with Create DemoBoard access will be able to use the Personal Intro Video feature once it is enabled.

  • Admin
  • Sales
  • Sales (User Owned Demos On)
  • Sales Lead
  • Demo Creator

Personal Intro Video Cards is also a unique permission within Custom Roles, so if you need to limit some Users from having access to the Personal Intro Video you can create a Custom Role that removes that access for them.


Setting up your Default Personal Intro Video

You can set up a Default Personal Intro Video Card that will automatically be pulled into the DemoBoards you create. This makes it easy to send a video introduction without having to record a Personal Intro Video for every DemoBoard you create. You can set up this default in a couple different ways.

  • My Profile - Your Personal Intro Video resides within your My Profile and you can navigate their to create/update/delete it at any time.
    • Click on your Profile image and select My Profile
    • Within the My Profile page, scroll down to the Default Personal Intro Video section
    • From here you can Upload or Record your Default Personal Intro Video
      • NOTE* Record option only available in Chrome and Edge browsers
        • Selecting 'Record New' will pull out the Record Video Tray.

            • NOTE* You will need to allow Consensus to access your webcam and mic to record your video.
        • Once you have your webcam and mic ready, simply press Record to initiate the recording process
          • You will see a 3-second countdown before the recording starts 
        • When you are done recording your video, click on finished to pull of the quick video editor to set the start and finish point of your video.

            • You can also set your Default Personal Intro Video name within the editor
        • Once you have the Trim set, just click Done Editing and your Default Personal Intro Video will process and save!
        • You can Preview your video by selecting the eye icon (). This will pull out the side Tray where you can view the video
    • Within the Personal Intro Video section of the Create DemoBoard page, click on Use My Default:
    • This will give you the same options as My Profile where you can upload or record your Personal Intro Video. This will automatically become your Default and will be used by default on subsequent DemoBoards you create (which you can always adjust) Create DemoBoard - If you don't have a Personal Intro Video set, you can easily add one right inside of creating a DemoBoard. This will save as the Default Personal Intro Video within your My Profile page


Creating DemoBoards with a Personal Intro Video

Adding a Personal Intro Video Card to your DemoBoards is simple and easy. Start by navigating to Create DemoBoard and you will see the Personal Intro Video option under the Recipient info

If you haven't set up your Default Personal Intro Video, the 'No Personal Intro Video Card' option will be selected by default. You can create your Default right from within here by selecting the Use My Default option, or you can create a Custom Personal Intro Video Card. Below is a quick description of each option so help you understand the difference.

  • My Default - The Default Personal Intro Video will automatically be used for each DemoBoard you create. This allows you to create a more generic default you can quickly and easily use for your DemoBoards.
  • Create Custom - This allows you to create a Personal Intro Video Card for a particular DemoBoard. This Personal Into Video Card won't be used as your default for other DemoBoards and allows you to create a DemoBoard specific Personal Intro Video.
  • No Personal Intro Video Card - With this option, we simply won't add a Personal Intro Video Card to the DemoBoard, even if you have a default created

NOTE* If you are using Chrome or Edge browsers, both the Default and Custom Personal Intro Video cards can use the Consensus recording tool.

Once you have your Personal Intro Video all set, simply click on Create DemoBoard and Consensus will generate the DemoBoard invite with the Personal Intro Video

We will also use your Personal Intro Video as Image options for your DemoBoard link that you can use within your outreach. Don't worry, your Demo images are still available! We'll grab 3 frames from your Personal Intro Video as well as use the same Demo frames for you to choose from.

GIF Scroll through

You can also add a Personal Intro Video Card to previously created DemoBoard within the Edit DemoBoard page. Once in the Edit DemoBoard page, simply add the needed Personal Intro Video to the DemoBoard and click Save. By default, all previous DemoBoards will be set to 'No Personal Intro Video'

The Viewer Experience

Viewers will see the Personal Intro Video above their names within the Who Are You page. After the Personal Intro Video finished, the video will disappear to highlight the names of those included within the DemoBoard.

Viewers can also click their Names at any time to skip the Personal Intro Video and jump directly into the Demo.


Personal Intro Video Analytics & Filtering

Anytime your Viewer watches the Personal Intro Video and then clicks their Name, we will track both the amount of time as well as a Heatmap for it. This view time is added as part of the Total View Time for that Viewer  and the Heatmap can be found within individual Viewer analytics.

The view time for the Personal Intro Video is incorporated into the DemoBoard View Time and can be seen within analytics including Track DemoBoards and Sales Demolytics. If you want to view only the actual Demo view time you can filter out the Personal Intro Video View Time within your Filters for each page.

Personal Intro Video Included

Personal Intro Video Excluded

Add a Personal Intro Video in Snap

All of the Personal Intro Video features have been made available in Consensus Snap as well! You can record your Default, add a Custom, or edit any previously created DemoBoard to add a Personal Intro Video. This is done in the Personal Intro Video step after you add the Recipient Info: