How to configure Azure SSO

steps to configure Azure SSO with Consensus

Log in to Azure AD and go to Enterprise Applications

click on New application

then Create your own application

Name the application Consensus and select non gallery

Click on Single sign on and then select SAML

In the SAML settings page we now need to go get some information from Consensus. 

Log in to Consensus as an admin. Then go to settings>integrations>SSO. If you do not see SSO as a tab, contact your CSM.

In the SSO Settings Copy the Entity ID

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 9.47.42 AM

now back inside of Azure add in the following information

Identifier - Paste in the "Entity ID" copied from Consensus

Reply URL - Paste in the "Single Sign On URL" from Consensus

Click Save

Copy the App Federation Metadata Url from Azure

Back inside of Consensus, paste the metadata Url copied from Azure into the into the "IDP Metadata URL" field in Consensus. 

You do not need to put anything into the "Authentication service URL" field. Please leave blank. 

Click Save

Assign any users that need to be able to access the app inside of Azure.