How to Customize Demo Autoplay

You can now adjust whether a demo on your website will autoplay or not. Whether your demo is embedded on your website using a typical iframe or being displayed within a lightbox, you now have the option of autoplay.

To enable autoplay navigate to the Marketing Accelerator > Get Public Link. You'll select the demo you want to use and click "Get a Link". Once the link is generated you'll have the ability to toggle on/off the autoplay feature:

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 8.58.08 AM


*Please note that changing the autoplay function of a demo changes the coding in the link of the demo. You must replace the link on your website for autoplay changes to apply.

DemoBoards created through the Sales Accelerator or through Demo Send integrations (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce) will not be affected by these settings.