How To Find Your Demo UUID

Learn how to locate your Demo UUID to use within Consensus Integrations

Several integrations utilize your Demos UUID to capture additional information or send information into Consensus for a particular action. In this article we will walk through how you can find your Demo's UUID.

  1. Navigate to Demo Library under the Demos dropdown section in the Left Hand Navigation
    1. Screenshot_237-1
  2. Within Demo Library, find the Demo for which you want to get the UUID then click the Pen (Edit)(Screenshot_240-1) Icon.
    1. Screenshot_238-1
  3. Within the DemoWizard, the Demo UUID can be located within the URL. The Demo UUID is the set of numbers and letters after the last / within the URL
    1. Screenshot_239-1


    That's it! You can now use your Demo UUID within your integrations as needed.