How to View the Analytics within Consensus Snap

View Analytics within Consensus Snap

Within the Track section of Snap you now have the ability to view some high level analytics for your specific user license.

In the top section you'll see how many demos you've sent, how many were viewed, amount of viewers, and your view rate. This data is based off the last 30 days:



Beneath this section is a snapshot of the demos you've sent (this includes demos sent through the main Consensus App as well as any demos sent through Snap). You can categorize the view by Date Last Sent, Shares, Views, or View Time:


If you click on the blue arrow for a specific demo sent you'll be able to see the different prospects who received the demo. You'll also be able to see how much time they spent on the demo and whether or not they have shared it with anyone.

DemoBoard Expiration

NEW! We introduced DemoBoard Expiration in Nov' 2022. 

When view analytics above for each DemoBoard, if you see any rows marked with a picture of the Death Star, this means the DemoBoard is "Expired," and you can hover over to confirm this. 

When a DemoBoard is "Expired," you will not be able to set any more expiration dates for it, or update any No-view notification settings.