Salesloft - Mail Merge Demo Link

1. From the Consensus main page navigate to the gear icon on the top right corner and select Mail Merge. Create a new mail merge demo link using the Salesloft Format:

2. Additional options will allow users to determine if recipients from the same organization should be included on the same DemoBoard link (recommended to leave this turned on). Additional notifiers will also be able to be added here, just like a regular DemoBoard link created singularly. Adding users in the Notifications and Access section will allow them to be notified when a recipient watches and/or shares a demo. 

3. Next, go to Salesloft and pull up Templates in the Cadences menu at the top


4. Now go to the Template Actions button and select Add Template from the dropdown menu


5. Personalize the email message and insert a link  


6. Enter the URL you created in step 1 as the path the link should go to