Manual Roles Management for Okta SSO Provisioning

Manual Roles Management for Okta SSO Provisioning

Manual Roles management for SSO Provisioning

To create the custom field, the following steps have to be performed

  • Go to Directory>Profile Editor and select the connected with Consensus Application

  • Once the Profile Editor is opened, click 'Add Attribute' button
  • On the opened form we need to provide the following information




Data type

‘string array’


Display name

Any convenient for you name


Variable name



External name



External namespace




Any convenient for you description (optional)



has to be checked


Attribute members 

The list of Roles within your Account should be provided with their ids

The list of System Roles (Display name - Value):

Admin - 443ff3eb-b550-4526-9d7e-9bf96ffd1a37
PreSales - e3031435-8495-41e4-bd3e-fcfcbe311d65
Sales - a61c1be4-52ef-4ce8-a68f-45712f31a379
Marketing - d31a0ba4-a834-4f42-9401-c32b91463fad
Content Manager - 1ebfa300-908f-4d5b-be11-8afa554fac71
Sales Snap Creator - fb0688dd-7a01-4109-862d-3dcc2831b1fd
Marketing (Reseller) - 4442bcee-142f-4f52-8873-79e5209bf345
Sales (Reseller) - cecc95f4-0438-4c70-97c2-598912d70900
Content Manager (Reseller) - e528f5ce-9f01-453b-a3ea-808239ba080e
View Only - 2e329294-6b90-48db-aa0a-95f73bf0b595

If you have custom Role:

1.     Go to>Manage Users&Access>Roles&Permissions tab

2.     Find the needed custom Role, click on three dots and click 'Edit'

3.     After the Edit page is opened

  • use the value of ‘Name' from Consensus for 'Display name’ in Okta
  • use the id from the browser link address in Consensus for 'Value' in Okta for this Role

4.     Repeat it for all needed custom Roles

Attribute required

has to be checked



has to be checked

  • Save the form

Further Custom field managing for Consensus Roles

If there is any update within the Roles on Consensus side - these updates should be transfered to Okta as well. To do it, go to the same place in Okta, find the needed custom field and click 'Edit'. The new Roles might be added or existing might be edited/deleted.