Navigating Sales Demolytics

Here are some basics for navigating metrics covered on the Sales Demolytics page



DemoBoards Created - Unique DemoBoard links created. 

  • Target KPI
      • 75-100 created per month for Development Teams
      • 20 - 40 Per Month for Closing Teams

DemoBoards Viewed - The number of DemoBoard links that have been viewed.


View Rate - Percentage of DemoBoards created that have a view. View rates are typically higher for Closing teams than Development teams as Closing teams are working with opportunities that have already shown interest

  • Target KPI
      • Development Teams 10 - 25%
      • Closing Teams 30-40 %

Recipients - Total number of recipients added to DemoBoard Invite.


Recipients With a View - The number of recipients who have viewed a demo.


Recipient View Rate - Percentage of total recipients that have viewed demo.


Views - Total views of the demo


Stakeholders Discovered (Shares) - When a DemoBoard recipient shares 



Shared by viewers - Total Demos shared via 'Invite Others' inside the Demoplayer


Shared by self-registered - Total number of viewers who self-registered via the

"I'm New Here" option on the Who Are You (WAY) page


Shares by users - Total number of additional recipients added by the sender after a DemoBoard link has been created.


View Time - The total amount of time spent by prospects watching your demos. 


Average Time - The average amount of time spent per session viewing a demo. Target KPI of 3-4 minutes. 

Discover Rate - The discover rate is the percentage of Stakeholders Discovered divided by how many Demoboards Viewed. So 10% Discover rate would mean that for every 10 DemoBoards viewed, 1 New Stakeholder is Discovered.

Doc Downloads - This is for demos where a document has been attached and this number will give a general idea of how many times those documents were clicked and opened.


The leaderboard will show the leaders in each of the categories for the DemoBoards they have sent out. For example, in this picture we can see that for DemoBoards Garrett has sent out, his have been viewed the most. Or on the DemoBoards sent out by Jami, her prospects are viewing the demos for the highest average amount of time.