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Opt-In and GDPR Compliance

In this article we will review how the Consensus Opt-In feature works for Viewers along with the different available Opt-In settings.

The Consensus Opt-In feature allows you to ensure that your viewers understand that their view will be tracked to understand their unique interests. Because this feature is an important part to GDPR Compliance requirements within Europe, Consensus defaults to having the Opt-In turned on for IP Addresses within the EU. In this article, we will review the functionality and different options available within the Opt-In feature.

NOTE*: Because every company faces unique issues when it comes to the privacy of its customers, each company should seek its own legal counsel on how to achieve full compliance


How the Opt-In Works

Viewers will see the Opt-In within the ‘Who Are You’ page of unique DemoBoard links as well as within the Lead Collection form of Public links. The Opt-In is defaulted to On, and is required to be ON in order for the Viewer to submit their information and tie their view to them.


DemoBoard Link:

Public Link:

Viewers can select the Question Mark Bubble to get additional information about what Opting-In means:

TEXT: By clicking your name you are “opting in”. By opting in you agree to share your name and potentially your email address with {COMPANY NAME}. See our Privacy Policy for more details

Turning OFF the Opt-In will display a Warning to the Viewer:

TEXT: If you opt out, due to EU Data Protection Regulation, we cannot allow you to view the demo. In order to view the emo, you must opt-in to allow us to track your engagement analytics. Are you sure you want to opt out?

Selecting ‘No’ will keep the Opt-In ON and allow the Viewer to watch the demo. Selecting ‘Yes’ will set the Opt-In to OFF and will Disable the Viewer from selecting their Name or submitting their information within the Lead Collection Form

Adjusting Opt-In Settings

You can find the different Account Settings, including Opt-In, by selecting the Gear Icon () in the upper right-hand corner then selecting Global Demo Settings.

By default, the Opt-In settings are always set to be ON based on IP Address (On for IP addresses within the EU). The Default State is also set to On by default:

This means that only Viewers located within the EU will see the Opt-In feature either on the ‘Who Are You’ page for unique DemoBoard invites or within the Lead Collection Form for Public links.

Because each Organization’s needs are different, we give you several options in adjusting the Opt-In to meet your needs. Below we will review each of the options available to you.


Default State IP Address Exceptions

This feature allows you to set the default for the Opt-In to 'On' but add IP Address ranges for locations where you need to have the Opt-In set to 'Off' by default. This allows you to ensure that you can maintain your compliance within the areas with more strict privacy and security regulations  

Opt-In Options

The Opt-In is built to ensure that Viewers know that their engagement within the Demo Experience will be tied to them (by name and potentially email or other fields used within the Lead Collection Form). GDPR also provides for ‘legitimate interest’ as a legal basis for using personal data without obtaining consent through opting in. If you believe your Organization can legally use the ‘legitimate interest’ approach, you can choose this option within the Opt-In drop-down.

Once selected, you will be able to add a ‘Legitimate Interest Statement’ that will show within the Who Are You and Lead Collection Form pages.

DemoBoard Link:

Public Link:


Viewer Options

By default, only viewers within the EU will see the Opt-In or Legitimate Interest Statement. This can be adjusted to show to all Viewers that watch your demos by selecting the For All Viewers option within the Viewer drop-down.

This will ensure that all of your Viewers will see the Opt-In or Legitimate Interest Statement regardless of where the viewer is located.


Opt-In Default State

You can also adjust the Default State of the Opt-In. This allows you to ensure that Viewer actively opt in to viewing your DemoBoard as Viewers will need to set Opt-In to 'On' in order to View the Demo:


Anonymize New Recipients until Opt-In

Consensus also allows you to anonymize new Recipients that are added to the DemoBoard by another Recipient until that New Recipient Opts In.

Once the Opt-In settings are set up the way your Organization needs, simply click on the Save button at the bottom of the Account Settings page and your Opt-In settings will be saved and update for all demos, including DemoBoards or Public Links that have already been created and are in use.

When this feature is set to On, the Viewers Personal Information will show as Anonymous within the application until they Opt In to view the demo.

Once they opt-in, you will be able see the Viewers information along with their Demolytics.



Need to add some links next to the Opt-In or Legitimate Interest Statement? Check out the Global Demo Footer settings under Global Demo Settings to add any link to the Who Are You and Lead Collection Form pages.


Global Demo Footer Settings Page:

DemoBoard Link:

Public Link: