What's the Difference Between a Personalized Demo vs a Public Demo?

Although there are multiple types of demos you can create within Consensus (Single Video Demo, Standard Personalization Demo, Advanced Branching Demo) you have two main use cases for which a viewer can interact with these demos. We categorize them as either a PERSONALIZED DEMO or a PUBLIC DEMO. We'll review what's the difference between these two use cases.

Personalized Demo

The Personalized Demo is used mainly on the Sales side, where reps are actively creating DemoBoards for prospects they're working with. 

The benefit of creating a Personalized Demo is three-fold: First, the prospect who receives the demo will be able to view the full demo without having to fill out any lead form (all they'll need to do is simply click on their name to start watching):

Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 2.51.59 PM


Second, the Sales Rep who created the Personalized Demo will receive an email notification as soon as the prospect starts watching the demo or if the prospect shares the demo with a colleague:


Lastly, the Consensus Platform will track what the Prospect has viewed (along with the importance level associated with each feature), which can be accessed by the Sales Rep to further understand what areas of their product they should be focusing on with this specific Prospect:


Public Demo

The second use case is what we call a Public Demo. This is primarily used for Marketing Purposes, specifically: 

  • Embedding the Demo on your Website
  • Sharing the Demo on your Social Media Channels
  • Placing a Lead Form before Prospects can access your Content

The main difference between the Public and Personalized demo is the fact that there's a lead gate associated with the Public Demo. 

The only way a Public Demo will track who's viewing the demo is if they fill out the lead collection form found within a Public Demo. If you choose to disable this lead form then there is no way the system will be able to track who's viewing the demo as there's no contact information to tie it back to.

One Demo, Two Use Cases

It is possible to use the same demo for both a Personalized and Public use case. The system will determine how you're creating the demo and adjust accordingly. If you create a DemoBoard using the WebApp, Consensus Snap or using the Mail Merge integration, the system will automatically remove any lead gate from the demo.

If you create a Public demo link through the WebApp then the system will automatically include the Lead Collection Form.

This scenario happens when a Sales Team is using the same demo/content that the Marketing team is displaying on your website. The Consensus Platform will separate the usage (Sales vs Marketing) within the Summary Demolytics tab:

Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 3.47.02 PM