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Power User Group

Not to be confused with pugs woof:


P.U.G. or Power User Group is the group of people in an organization that do the most lifting. They make all of the prospecting calls, generate leads, close the big deals, give in depth technical demos, put together all of the awesome content and ensure we always have the right tools at our disposal to do our job. This group of key users is one that drives the most value and are at the center of every successful organization. If this sounds like you, then we would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to gain your insights to build a better/cooler/more versatile and valuable product. We will be conducting a PUGS focused initiative in early 2022 and would love to shadow you while you leverage the Consensus platform during your daily activities.


We are so excited to hear your feedback and insights! 


Hope you have an awesome day! 


- The Consensus Product Team