Salesforce Version 11 Release Notes and Log

Consensus for Salesforce, Version 11 Release Notes


In this document we will keep track of releases related to Salesforce Version 11.x. Our first major release was pushed to the AppExchange on 5/1/23, and as improvements or bug fixes need to be made, we will keep track of those follow-up/minor releases below as well.

Version 11.0

Date Released : 5/1/2023

Type: Major

Full Release Notes: Download Here
Technical Guide: Download Here



*NOTE* Below is a small summary of the release. For full release notes, follow download link above.

A. Overview of the new version and its significance
The 11.0 major update focuses on bringing the Salesforce integration closer in line with Salesforce development best practices:

  • We introduce a new “DemoBoard” custom object to store Consensus data and improve the overall reporting capabilities for DemoBoard ROI on Accounts and Opportunities.
  • We’ve added new flows to help provide better high level totals on all standard objects, so that sales teams and admins alike can quickly see the impact Consensus is having across their accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads.
  • New Recommended Layouts and Demolytics sections to help aid teams in surfacing up the data they need form Consensus
    • The new DemoBoard object allows for a better aggregate view on Opportunities and Accounts, allowing sales users to see the performance of their DemoBoards as a whole for each opportunity or account rather than seeing only Invitation-level metrics. Invitations are still available for viewing on the Opportunity object.
    • Invitations will be visible at the Contact and Leads level, allowing for simpler views on individual activity levels.
    • Additionally, we now have aggregate demolytics available for each Standard Object, showing total views, shares, watch time, and DemoBoards/Invitations along with averages for each record, instead of just showing these metrics for each demoboard or invite.
  • A new, easier to user DemoBoard creation form component improves user experience, and gives users access to a host of new features for customizing DemoBoards such as
    • DemoBoard Expiration by Days
    • DemoBoard 2FA
    • Improved control over Contact Synchronization on Accounts with large lists of contacts.
    • And more!
  • Simpler Permission Sets
  • New Report Types will now be available for use with our Demolytics, and users will be able to create custom Dashboards to display their Demolytic reports.
    • All metrics that were behind the Aura Component are now visible and available for use in custom reports. This will allow users to make better correlations between Consensus use and changes in Opportunity success.


Version 11.1

Date Released : 5/1/2023

Type: Minor

Release Notes: 

  • Minor release focused on improving permission sets for Salesforce version 11. 
  • Removes need to manually customize the permission set. 
  • Now Admins only need to go through a minimal effort to Clone included permission set, and "allow all custom settings" before assigning to the correct profile.


Version 11.2

Date Released : 7/27/23

Type: Minor

Release Notes: 

🪲 Bug Fixes

  • Apex Exception error: Consensus.LeadTrigger: execution of BeforeUpdate
  • Apex Exception error: Consensus.OpportuntyTrigger: execution of AfterUpdate
    • Seen in environments where batch jobs or other features focused on bulk updates to Opportunity Name or AccountID changes. The batch process would run, and then call our included opportunity trigger and receive a failure. 
  • When you search in CRM sync for an account name that has an apostrophe, you get an error that says "can't sync with your CRM."
  • When creating new contact roles in Salesforce, there was an issue with creating the correct Job Title value. It was taking the initial job title of the first invite to the DemoBoard, and applying it to all invited contacts. 
  • Duplicate Contact Roles being created in Orgs that had more than 50,000 contact roles. 
  • Flows - DemoBoard Account and Opportunity rollup errors. 
    • Removing both Account and Opportunity rollup flows. 
    • The data aggregation will now occur via apex during our batch updates. 

🔨 Improvements: 

  • When creating new leads into Salesforce, Consensus will now include Country and State information for the lead, if collected from our lead gate form. 
    • If picklists are on within the Lead object for those fields - it will try to use the Country/State  in the picklists - if the value exists in the picklist as id(abbr.) or display it will set it, if not it will not.
    • If picklists are off - it will always set Country/State in the format they are received from Consensus
  • Improvements to Consensus Users permission set.
    • This will now include access to Consensus app custom settings, and admins will no longer need to clone, and then check system permission for "view all custom settings" during configuration. 
    • Further lock downs in place to ensure this permission set is not given access to configuration tabs within our app. 
  • New and Improved "Consensus Admin" permission set:
    • Provides a more clear distinction for standard sales users, and admin users.
    • Admin permission set will provide the access needed to manage the Consensus app.  
    • Admin permission set will grant access to all configuration pages for the app
    • Upon installation, for Admin Permission set only, we still need to give permission to "Manage Applications" (this can be achievable manually). This permission is required for editing custom settings, and so making a "clone" of our included template permission set. and manually enabling this system permission is still necessary. 


Version 11.2.1

Date Released : 8/28/23

Type: Patch

Release Notes: 

  • Fix for Queuable job errors caused by the Opportunity Trigger. This patch removes apex code that utilizes a trigger for anytime there is an update to an opportunity Name. The trigger that sends updated name data back to Consensus has been temporarily disabled to fix the error. 
  • Fix for Heap Limit error seen on the Demo Record Update batch apex job. This fix reduces the response size from 500 to 200. 

Version 11.2.2

Date Released : 09/13/23

Type: Patch

Release Notes: 

  • Fix for SSO redirection issue that presented a maintenance page upon login.
  • Fix for scheduled apex jobs. They will now restart on their own in case of any error is found within the batch processing and wont' need manual intervention.