Consensus for Slack (Early Preview Release)

Receive important notifications for all of your DemoBoards in Slack.

*Important Note: As of August 2023, Consensus is looking for an initial group of current customers to install our Slack in as an "early preview" release. We must go through this process to get a foundation of installs before Slack will approve our app for the public marketplace. To sign up for Early Preview access, please contact your Consensus CSM.


Install and Configuration

Step 1: Installing the Application (Slack Admin required)

Whoever is the first user for that Org to select the “Add to Slack” button from their Consensus profile page, will be the first user to “request” it to be installed to their Slack workspace. If this is an Admin of Slack, they will be able to immediately approve the app, install it, and grant the app permissions. If not, the user will get a request access page, and their admin will be notified to approve the install.

Here is what the Request to Install page will look like if your admin has not yet approved the app for your workspace: 


Here is what the permissions page looks like if you have already been granted approval to install the app by an Admin in Slack.


Step 2: Authenticating to the App


After the app has been approved for your Slack Workspace by and administrator, additional users in the workspace can locate it within the App Directory. 



For that individual user to authenticate the App, they now have 2 options. They can initiate the “Add to Slack” process via the button on their Profile Page directly in Consensus, OR they can also initiate this directly from the Slack App on the Home page of our app. 

Option 1: Use the Add to Slack button from the My Profile page in Consensus


Selecting add to slack button will pop up the permissions window to allow the app permissions, and then once allowed, will redirect the user back to Slack. 


Option 2: Use the "Connect your Consensus Account" button from within Slack app home page

Selecting “Connect your Consensus Account” will bring them to the permissions page, then to the Consensus login screen to enter credentials, and finally reroute them back to the Slack app to complete authentication.

Welcome to Consensus for Slack!

After installing and connecting the Slack app to their Consensus Account, the user will be sent a welcome message to let them know more about what the app can do. 



This message, along with all other notifications we send to Slack, will be collected within our App’s “Messages” tab. 



Our Slack MVP is all about DemoBoard Notifications. For every DemoBoard you have personally created, or that you have been added to for receiving notifications (via Notifications and Access list), the integration will send the following notification messages: 


DemoBoard Watch: 


  • Provides all information for who is watching the demo, when they were invited, and how long it took them to watch it after it was created/sent..
  • Provides an action button “See Details” that lets a user jump into Consensus for more information. 

DemoBoard No-Views:



  • Provides information to users about which DemoBoards are not performing well. 
  • This will be sent to Slack based on the no-view settings for the demoboard or organization. 
  • Provides an action button Get DemoBoard Link” that lets a user copy the link and resend to their prospect or customer. 

DemoBoard Share Request:


  • Get notified of when your customers and prospects request to share a demo to users outside of their domain. 
  • Provides a quick action button “Accept Share” which takes the user into Consensus to properly accept the request. 

DemoBoard Shares:

  • Get notified of when your customers share your demo within their organization. 
  • Provides a quick action button “See Details” which takes the user into Consensus Demo Details page.


Removing the App

Currently for the Early Preview of our Slack app, users are not able to disconnect themselves from their connected workspace on their Consensus Profile page. They can remove our app from the sidebar in Slack, but notifications will continue to come through. 

The only way to fully disconnect the account is to have an administrator revoke the authenticated members from our Configuration page. 


Step 1: As an administrator, go to the “About” tab in our app, and select “Configuration.”

Step 2: Find the authorized member and revoke their connection