DemoPlayer's New Look 2022

This new reskin of the DemoPlayer will make the buyer’s experience simpler and more enjoyable while adding a more personalized touch to interactive video demos.

What are the new (customizable) components of the DemoPlayer 2022?

Check out the New DemoPlayer Demo for an in depth look! 

Cover Color & Cover Logo to showcase your company's brand

CTA & pop up

Sidebar Logo (available on Standard Demos)

Player Logo

Overview of the DemoPlayer with the new skin 

The new reskin for the contact me info on the demo player will look like the following:

The personal intro or intro video from either Standard or Single Demo is now located next to the cover page. Similar to how the current Consensus is set up, these introduction videos are optional. 
Once the viewer reaches the personalization page, the viewer can rate the topics to build a custom demo. The viewer can hover over the "i" icon to see the description of each topic, and has the option to select a topic individually or "Select all" the topics.

On the same page, the viewer has the ability to see the total number of topics along with the total duration of the demo at the top of the list.
Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 5.14.21 PMA lot of the functionalities remain the same as the current Player as shown in the below image.  Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 5-26-43 PM-png

With this new DemoPlayer, the viewer has the ability to "Adjust my selections" based on the rating of topics, and can easily view the basic stats of the demo when the BuyerBoard is enabled.

Some of the displayed data include the views time, viewed and invited recipients.



In the case when the viewer decides to adjust their selection on the DemoPlayer. Any topic(s) that is now marked as "Not Important" is excluded from the demo. Based on this sample, the 'Another Cool Feature' topic will be excluded. 

Similar to how we have the share prompt set up on our current DemoPlayer, here's the new skin for the form. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 5.37.05 PM

Finally, viewers can decide to share the demo, contact the demo owner, start the demo over, or adjust the selected topics of the custom demo.