Updating Consensus Snap Settings

**Note: These settings are only activated when you're recording a SNAP video using SNAP. If you are sending an "Existing Demo" then the system will use the theme/settings which are assigned to the Existing Demo you're sending within Snap.**

Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner of Consensus Snap:



Click on the Settings tab:


Within the Setting tab you'll be able to update the following:

  • Enable or disable desktop notifications for when a demo is interacted with
  • Change the language of the demo player (this will only adjust the language found on the demo player and will not translate the videos within the demo)
  • Add your phone number and live chat link
  • Add a Favicon Logo, Player Logo, and Cover logo
    • Accepted formats are: gif, jpg, and png
  • Pick your Call-To-Action/ Pop-Up Color and Cover Color
  • Dictate when the "Share this Demo" CTA populates
  • Enable or disable the Buyer Board




Once you've finished updating your Settings don't forget to click on the Submit button at the top!