Use Screencast-o-Matic to Add Video Content to an Existing Recording

While recording video content for a demo, users may run into an instance where they forgot to cover a topic in the middle of the video or simply want to incorporate more video content to a recording. There is no need to delete the work and start over, users can add on from within the Screencast-o-Matic editor. 

1. On the timeline select the spot where the new content needs to be added. From the toolbar select the Insert tool. There are five available options to be used here. This article will cover New Recording, Existing Recording, Paste Recording, and Video options.


2. To record new content to be added to the video simply select the New Recording option and it will bring the screen recorder back up to begin recording again. When finished recording new content, double-check to make sure the correct spot on the timeline is selected and click 'OK'


3. Using the Existing Recording tool will allow users to take a video that already exists in the Screencast-o-Matic library and add it directly to the video. 


3. The paste recording option allows you to copy a portion of the video and paste it elsewhere. To do this select the Copy tool, and find the area on the timeline that needs to be copied from. From here drag across the area that needs to be copied and click 'OK'. Now select the area on the timeline to input the copied clip and select the Paste Recording option from the Insert tool. 


4. Finally users will also be able to add a video file that is located elsewhere on the computer or pull from stock video clips in the Screencast-o-Matic library. For all of the methods used to insert new content, if for some reason the user wants to remove the added clip, it is can easily be undone. Simply select the edit on the timeline, above that click the icon indicating the edit and remove.