What is a Vision Demo?

There are 6 demo types that buyers need to make an effective decision. Besides what each of these types of demos entails, you also need to understand where they fall in the sales cycle. The first of these 6 demo types is the Vision Demo. The Vision Demo is a brief demo at the top of the sales cycle, or beginning of the buyers experience, and this focuses on the value proposition. In a vision demo you are emphasizing the problem you are solving, the solution you offer, and the benefit that implementing your solution brings. Problem, Solution, Benefit.


As you begin to build out a vision demo remember that this isn’t a deep dive of your product. This demo itself should be no longer than 5 minutes at the most. Prior to  watching the vision demo the prospect may be asking themselves the following questions. Will this solution solve my problems? What will life be like if we adopt this solution? How have other companies succeeded with this solution? 

Once the content is built out and you feel confident that a prospect will catch the vision for your solution you may wonder how this demo is delivered. There are a couple of options, it could either be delivered by Marketing or the BDR. You may want to post this demo on your website or include it in a mass email campaign. The BDRs may also deliver this demo as a means of qualifying the lead.

Characteristics of Vision Demo

  • Objective - Gain a qualified lead
  • Content - Short. 30 seconds to no more than 5 minutes.
  • Focus on Problem, Solution, Benefit (PSB)
  • Light on product, maybe a couple of screenshots
  • Built by Marketing and delivered by Marketing or a BDR
  • Displayed on website
  • Automated
  • Demo Example