What Time Zone is being displayed in the Demolytics?

In this article we will review how Time Zones are used within Consensus and what things can affect what shows for the Time Zone

Consensus uses IP address to understand what Time Zone your Viewers are located when they watch your DemoBoards. This Time Zone is used to create the Time Stamp for when your Viewers watch DemoBoards. This way, as you look at the Time Stamp for each view it is in relationship to when during the day that the Viewer actually watched the demo.

Below is a quick view of the different locations you can find the Time Zone and Time Stamp info in Consensus:

Email Notifications - View


  • Created = The Date & Time the DemoBoard was created
  • Invited = The Date & Time this Viewer was added to the DemoBoard link
    • This helps you understand if the individual was originally included or invited afterwards
  • Watched = This is the Date & Time the Viewer initiated the DemoBoard View with the calculation of amount of time from when they were invited.

Email Notifications - Share


  • Hover over the View Time to see Viewer Location
    • Screenshot_498

Demolytics - Organization/Company View 


Demolytics - Heatmaps



DemoBoard Demolytics - Customers Report


  • View Location is now included as a column within Detailed Organization Report!


DemoBoard Creation Date

DemoBoard Creation Date Time Zone can also be set so your Creation Date is tracked based on your Time Zone. This can be adjusted under My Profile:

  • Click your Name in the bottom left-hand corner and select 'My Profile'
    • Screenshot_504
  • Scroll down to the Time Zone field and select your Time Zone
    • Screenshot_505
  • DemoBoard Creation Date will now be set to your Time Zone to make it easier to understand when your DemoBoards are created.