Where do I find my new leads?

You can easily track all of your leads right inside your account. These new leads can be found under Marketing Accelerator > Qualified Leads:

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.31.58 PM


The system will default to "All Demos", however, you can choose specific demos to categorize the leads by within the search bar:

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.33.23 PM


You can also create/select a custom date range for your leads by selecting the date drop-down in the upper right hand:

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.34.53 PM


Once you've generated the report you'll also have the ability to download a CSV file of all the leads within that report. You'll find the button to download here:

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.36.38 PM