Where do I get the CONSENSUS™ link for my website?

Consensus allows you to use your demos as powerful lead generation tools for your website. You can create "public demo links" (demos which will trigger a lead collection form) to either embed or place within a lightbox on your website to capture leads top of funnel. 

Under the Public Links dropdown, click “Create Public Link”.  This section will provide you with a drop-down menu of your demo library which you'll then be able to copy:




You can use this link to place the demo on your website within a simple iframe using the following coding:

<iframe src="Your Demo URL" width="1120" height="680" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

*Note: For mobile devices, it is recommended to link directly to the demo URL for the best viewer experience. This will allow the DemoPlayer to play at full screen without being limited by the iframe.