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Where should I put the Lead Gate for my demo?

The Consensus platform gives you an opportunity to decide where you want to place a Lead Gate during the Demo experience. This allows you to use your content in the way that best fits your needs and use cases. You can set the lead gate for each Standard demo you have within the platform. 


Below are the two most common use cases for using a Lead Gate and our best practice recommendations:

1. Lead Generation

When using Consensus as a lead generation tool, the goal is to engage your viewers enough to be willing to fill out their information in order to continue the demo to learn key values and benefits your products and services offer. In order to allow the viewer to engage and invest themselves in your demo, we recommend placing the Lead Gate after the Personalization questions.

The power of video coupled with the opportunity for each viewer to select exactly what they want to learn about is a powerful tool for lead conversion.


2. Market Education

If you are utilizing your demo for market education, the goal is to drive that education as easily and resistance-free as possible for viewers. This will entice them to watch more of your demo video and help drive education. When this is the goal, we recommend placing the Lead Gate at the end of the demo.

Having the Lead Gate at the end still allows those that are interested to learn more to give you their information.


General Rule of Thumb

As a general rule of thumb, the earlier you have your lead gate the higher conversion rate you will see, but with a greater chance of getting bad leads. Because individual results may vary depending on different factors (i.e. viewer demographics, demo use case, etc…), we recommend testing out different lead gate positions to see what works best for you. Here are a few tips on how you can test.


  • Month-over-Month Data
    • Change the position of the lead gate each month and compare month-over-month data and how it correlates to lead positioning and conversion rates
  • A/B(/C/D/…) Testing
    • There are several tools that allow you to do A/B testing on your website. Consensus helps to support this by allowing you to easily make copies of your demos with slight variations for testing.
      • Make of copy of your demo with the lead gate positioning different in each demo
      • Use an A/B testing tool to send traffic to the differently gated demos
      • Compare the results!


Because each organization and use case can vary greatly, Consensus gives you control by allowing you to place the lead gate where it will work best for you.