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Why doesn’t my team have access to send the demo I created?

You may run into an instance where you have just built the perfect demo and you are ready for your team to start implementing it, but they aren’t seeing it. Why is that? This is a question that comes up and luckily it has a simple solution. 

When you are building out your demo you may notice on step 1 of the demo wizard there is an area to add demo access. 


This is where you assign who has the access to send out a certain demo. This will default to the demo creator being the only person who has access, you will need to add others if you want them to have access. You can add individual users, groups, or the whole org. To add people one by one you will just select users on the left and then search the person you want to add, select their name, and then hit the “+” sign. The same logic applies to adding certain groups. If you want to remove access just go to the list of users with access and hit the little “x” next to the name. 



Another reason to add a user to the demo access is for a marketing use case. If someone has a marketing role, they will need to be added so that they can receive new lead notification emails. This is when somebody watches a public version of the demo and then fills out the lead form inside the demo. 

For a quick glance at who has access to the demo, from the manage demos page hover over the people icon and it will tell you who already has access.

If you have already granted access to the right people, and they still aren't seeing the demo, be sure that the demo is published by checking the Published button on the top right of the demo: