Consensus Embed Wordpress Plugin

In this article, we will walk through the steps to embed the Consensus demo player on your Wordpress website.

Things You'll Need

    • Wordpress Account
    • Link for the demo you are putting on your website (Instructions)


Let's get started.

1. Go to your Wordpress Admin Dashboard. In your navigation menu, go to Plugins then Add New or Download the Consensus plug-in from HERE.



2. Go to the Search Plugins input and type in Consensus





3. Click Install Now on the Consensus Embed plugin


4. This will install the Consensus Embed plugin to your Wordpress instance. Now click on Activate Plugin to enable the plugin


We're almost done! The plugin is now installed and activated just waiting to be used. Let's jump into adding this to a post or page on your Wordpress site.

The next section will cover how you embed the demo player on your Wordpress site. There are two setup options available at this point. You have the option to either embed the demo player directly on your page or inside of a lightbox.



Embedding the demo player is a great option when creating landing pages used for converting visitors to leads. The demo player becomes a billboard-sized call-to-action used to draw the attention of the visitor. This option automatically starts the demo playback as soon as the visitor visits the page.

To embed the demo player use the following shortcode inside of a post or page on your Wordpress site.

[consensus src="ENTER DEMO URL HERE"][/consensus]


Example landing page of shortcode above





The lightbox option is great for placing the demo player as the result of a call-to-action button or image on your website. This is the option we use on our website.

To embed the demo player use the following shortcode inside of a post or page on your Wordpress site.

[consensus src="ENTER DEMO URL HERE" lightbox=true][/consensus] 

Note: Any text or HTML put between the shortcode will be turned into a link that triggers the lightbox:


Example lightbox of shortcode aboveScreenshot_223-1



All done!! You now should have the Consensus demo player embedded on your Wordpress website.