How to Integrate a Demo on your Website

How to Integrate a Demo on your website

Each demo you create inside of your account has its own unique website/public URL. This makes it easy to place on your website through a simple iframe. The following iframe coding will give you the recommended pixel width and height for your iframe, whether it is a simple iframe, or an iframe within a lightbox:

<iframe src="Demo URL" width="1120" height="680" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

You will simply need to grab the URL for your demo and replace the above Demo URL with your dedicated URL. Then just pass the coding into your website and your demo will show directly on your site.

To find your website Demo URL navigate to Marketing Accelerator > Get Public Link > then select your demo:

*Note: For mobile devices, it is recommended to link directly to the demo URL for the best viewer experience.

*If you are using WordPress, use this article link