How to Bulk Add/Edit Users for Your Account

By using the 'Bulk User upload' functionality, Users have the ability to add/edit multiple users to the system within one file upload

Consensus allows you to easily manage a large number of Users at once using the Bulk User feature. You can add multiple Users and/or Edit multiple Users all at once with a simple .xls.xlsx or .csv upload.

Some things you'll want to make sure you do before you upload your users:

  1. Build your team hierarchy (see our How to create your Group hierarchy in Consensus article for help here)
  2. Make sure you have demos/content in the system and they are properly assigned to the team hierarchy you've built

To get started, go to the Gear icon () in the upper right-hand corner and click on 'Manage Users & Access'. Next, you'll go to the Users tab and click "Add User" then select the 'Add Bulk User' option:

NOTE* We recommend downloading the template found within the Bulk Upload page. This will help ensure Column Headers are aligned properly for the uploaded file. Allowed file formats are .xls, .xlsx, .csv 

Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. First Name, Last Name, Email, and Role are required to Add/Edit a User with Bulk Upload

    1. If the User email exists, we will use the other data points to update the Users

      1. If the field is blank for an existing User, we will leave the field as it currently is

  2. Do not add any additional fields to this list

  3. In the Groups section, you'll add the final Department/Team/Group that the user is going to end up in - you will not need to add the full team hierarchy to make this work

  4. Make sure to double-check the spelling of your groups and roles - if they are misspelled, then it will send you an error message

  5. Please input the language codes for the language column. We support the following languages:
    Language Name Language Code  
    Dutch nl  
    English en  
    Indonesian  id  
    Japanese ja  
    Traditional Chinese  zh_tw  
    Chinese Simplified zh  
    Czech cs  
    Spanish es  
    French fr  
    Italian it  
    Portuguese pt  
    Korean ko  
    Swedish sv  
    Russian ru  
    German de  
    Vietnamese vi  

Once you've created the list you'll save it as a .xls.xlsx, or .csv file. Now all you need to do is click 'Choose File' > select the file > then click 'Upload':

  • New users on the list will automatically receive an email from Consensus asking them to verify their accounts.

    • They will have 7 days to complete the verification process. If they go longer than 7 days, their 'token' will be expired at which time they'll need to manually reset their password using the "Forgot Password" option on the Login page.

  • Existing Users will be updated based on the data included within the file Upload.

  • If there are errors found within the file, the system will list them out to help you fix any errors and then re-upload the fixed file.

Want to learn more about how we display different languages on Consensus here