Sending Demos with Consensus Snap

How to send Demos with Snap.

To send a demo through Snap you’ll need to login to Snap using the same credentials you use in the main Consensus Platform. If you can’t remember your password you can reset it here.

When you log in to SNAP you’ll see two different tabs, one for Create and another for Track. For this walkthrough, we’ll be going over sending existing demos (demos you already have uploaded in your Consensus Platform). If you’d like to know how to record your own personal video using SNAP please see the following article: Recording a Personal Video with Snap

You can Search the name of the Demo you are wanting to send, but it be may be showing up in your Recent tab. If you don't know the name and it's not in your Recent tab, you may also use our other filters: All, Single, Standard, and Advanced (which showcase the different types of Demos that have been created). Click the demo you want to send or hover over it to see the Preview icon (an eyeball) so you can view the demo before sending it off to the recipient:

Next, fill out the organization details for the DemoBoard. Please note that the name of the organization will show up for the recipients so you’ll want to make sure you put down the correct organization name and NOT your own company name:

Step 3 is adding a Personalized Intro Video. You can:

  1. Record a new Default intro video or use one you have recorded in the past
  2. Create a Custom intro video to personalize this demo for your prospect more
  3. Have no intro video

The last step is to choose how you want your DemoBoard link to look. There is:

  1. An Image Link with a play button, footer, and changeable thumbnail
  2. A Button Link with changeable colors and words
  3. A Text Link with the URL that can be shortened

All three options will take the recipient to the same place, it’s all a matter of how you want to display the call to action within your message.

Additional DemoBoard Options

There are a few additional options you may want to consider before sending out your SNAP DemoBoard:

  1. Add other users to get notifications when the recipient has viewed or shared your Demo
  2. Change contact info shows up if you are sending this on behalf of someone else. (Note, they need to be in the Notifications & Access section to show their contact info)
  3. Enabling Two-factor Authentication which will send them a passcode via email that they need to enter before watching the content within
  4. Enabling No-view notifications if you would like to be notified if they haven't watched it after X days, up to 10 times
  5. Expiration by days in case there is sensitive and/ or time sensitive information within the demo that shouldn't be shared after X number of days

Once you’ve customized the Link you plan on sending and the Additional DemoBoard Options, you’re ready to copy and paste it within your email or other method(s) of sending it out!

**We recommend using the Image Link, but try them all and see which one gives you the best response!**

If your company uses Gmail then you’ll notice that Snap will automatically show up in your Gmail account when you compose an email.

The only difference when sending demos using the Gmail SNAP extension is you’ll need to add the recipients to the “To” field of your email before you open SNAP in your email (which should auto-populate the recipients for you), but everything else will work as previously explained: