Setting Up Salesforce Sites For Consensus SFDC 9.X+ (*Required*)

Setting up Custom SFDC Site for Secure API Connection

Step: 1 Register Salesforce Site Domain

Setup >> Quick Find Box >> ‘Sites’ >> Register My Salesforce Site Domain as shown:

  1. If enhanced domains are enabled in your org, your Sites domain includes your org’s

My Domain in the format

  1. If enhanced domains aren’t enabled in your org, select your Salesforce Sites


  1. Enter a unique name for your Salesforce Sites domain.
  2. Click Check Availability to confirm that the domain name you entered is unique. If it

isn't unique, you are prompted to change it.

  1. Read and accept the Sites Terms of Use by selecting the checkbox.
  2. Click Register My Salesforce Site Domain.

Step: 2 Create and Edit Salesforce Sites


  • In the site section click New.
    2) Enter information about your site.
    3) In the field: “Default Web Address” enter ’consensus’ as shown below.

    4) In the field: Active Site Home Page choose ‘Sso_Flow_Page’ as shown below.

    5) Click save.

    6) Click at the site label which you created.

7) Click at Public Access Settings.

8) In the Enabled Apex Class Access section click edit.

9) Add Classes as shown below and click save.

●    DemoManager (For webhooks)
●    SsoManager ( For Secure API)
●    IntegrationManager (For Opp sync)
●    IntegrationManager1 (For Opp sync)
●    IntegrationManager2 (For Opp sync)

10) Enable View All Custom Settings in the Administrative Permissions section for public site profile.

11) Go to Object Settings  - Consensus Users Info - give read permission for fields: 
●    Consensus email
●    Salesforce email


Step: 3 Configuration

  1. Open Consensus Configuration in SalesForce > SFDC Configuration
  2. Enable Security API
  3. Fill “Public site URL” field

“Public site URL” link should be copied from:

  1. Settings
  2. Enter “Site” into Quick find field
  3. Open Found “Site” item
  4. Copy Site URL