Tips for Composing an Email

In this article, we'll go over some tips for composing effective emails that encourage demo engagement.

When you send a DemoBoardâ„¢, you're "Selling in the Gaps", which means you're engaging your buyers in before or in between live conversations. This drives engagement, builds trust, and brings them to the conversations ready to talk specifics. However, just creating the DemoBoard link is not the final step, the prospect still has to click and watch your automated video demo. Here are some tips for composing an email that will encourage a prospect to watch your demo. 

Occasionally users will mention an issue with prospects not watching their demos. The biggest issue we see is Sales Reps adding too much information in their email. The key is keeping the email short and sweet. The longer the email the more likely it will be passed over.

Along with a short email, we recommend the following tips:

  • Use the Demo as your main CTA
  • Use the Image Link option as this is the most engaging CTA. Here is an example of an effective image link.
  • In the email subject line add "Personalized Demo", "Interactive Video", or "Micro Demo
  • Time Investment: Let the prospect know how long the demo will take them to watch:"'s the interactive demo I mentioned, it should only take you 15 minutes..."

Finally, here is an example of what an email utilizing all of the tips might look like.


For instructions on how to create a DemoBoard check out this article