USE CASE: Outbound Development

Using the Consensus Platform, Outbound Sales Reps can send demos to lists of prospects which will help them narrow down on which prospects are interested in learning more about the product/service.

  • Step by Step Process
    • Before calls are even made, the Outbound Sales Rep sends a personalized demo to their list using the Mail Merge Integration.
    • The Consensus Platform will notify the Sales Rep as soon as a prospect starts watching the demo. We recommend calling that prospect within 5 minutes of receiving the notification from Consensus:
    • When calling the prospects who viewed the demo, we recommend reviewing their Analytics within the system. Check which features they thought were most important and focus your discussion around what matters most to the prospect:
      Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 1.03.12 PM
    • IF THE CLIENT DOESN’T ANSWER THE CALL BUT WATCHED THE DEMO? We recommend taking a screenshot of their viewing analytics and use this as a way to get in touch with the prospect. Highlight within your email the features they thought were important and attach any pdf/one sheets that are applicable.
    • FOR THOSE WHO DON’T WATCH THE DEMO WHEN IT’S FIRST SENT? We recommend putting these contacts within an email cadence. This email cadence can vary depending on what works best for your vertical. We typically do a combination of Calls+Emails to get in touch with the client. (EMAIL MARKETING USE CASE)
  • Benefit:
    • The Consensus Platform allows Outbound Sales Teams to pre-qualify their leads by first sending them a personalized demo. The system will notify the Sales Rep as soon as someone starts watching the demo, which allows the Sales Rep to reach out while the client is most interested.