USE CASE: Re-engagement & Follow Up

You work hard to educate your prospects to help them see the value in your product. But then they go radio silent... and you have now idea what is happening on their end. But everyone is busy, so it can be difficult to get them to answer an email let alone try to set up another appointment to check in. Let the power of your Consensus demo provide an automated and uniquely personal experience that can help re-engage and accelerate the sales cycle. This provides a unique viewer experience for your prospects while allowing them to self educate based on their needs.

  • Step by Step Process
    • Send a unique demo to all of your prospects that are not progressing
      Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 10.20.10 AM
      • *TIP* Try using the Mail Merge Demo Link within an email merge to send out a unique demo to all of your stalled organizations at once
    • When your prospects view the demo, utilize the viewer analytics to understand their unique needs and interests and send out follow up material focusing on those features.
      • In your follow up, entice them to share the demo with other Stakeholders in their organization and push to review their unique needs in your next meeting.
  • Benefit:
    • This will help to re-engage your prospects by allowing them to self educate on their own time instead of needing to set up a meeting to drive the sale.
    • You will gain similar insights as if you were to have a live meeting with the prospect by being able to see the their feature selections and viewer heatmaps.