USE CASE: Sales Engineers (PreSales)

In this article we'll outline the two major use cases for Sale Engineers + Consensus:

  1. Creating mini/micro demos for Inside Sales and Business Development Reps

  2. Creating quick single video demos with Consensus Snap to answer questions/follow up with prospects as well as ISR and BDR teams

Creating Mini/Micro Demos for ISR & BDR Teams

With Consensus, a Sales Engineer can easily create content specifically geared to help ISR and BDR teams educate clients in an automated fashion. We've had many clients use these SE-created demos as a way to gauge the interest of prospects based on what they actually view within the automated demo. Typically, an SE team will discuss with their reps and find out what are the top three most requested demos. 
Creating a demo using Consensus + Screencast-O-Matic is quick and easy. Check out our article on creating demos using Consensus here. The best advice we can give when creating content is to keep it simple. We've found that simple, home-grown demos have higher engagement and are viewed as more authentic than the highly polished, over-produced demos. 
By creating these micro demos an SE team can help free up time to focus on the accounts that matter most as well as arming their ISR and BDR teams with the ability to send demos to their accounts without having to wait for the SE to jump on a call.


Creating Quick Single Video Demos with Consensus Snap to Answer FAQ's

Another strong use case with Sales Engineers is having the ability to create a quick video to answer questions from prospects as well as internal Sales Reps. With Consensus Snap it only takes a few minutes to create a personalized response. Instead of having to jump on another phone call or send a lengthy email, a Sales Engineer can use Consensus Snap to quickly record a response and send this demo to a client. Consensus Snap utilizes the same tracking capabilities as the main Platform, so all views and shares will be tracked.
If you want more information on how to use Consensus Snap you can read our articles here.