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Roles & Permissions - Custom Roles

In this article we will review the permissions within the Standard & Custom Roles as well as Demo Permissions

Standard Roles

Within Consensus, you can use Roles to limit the permissions your Users have within your Account. There are several System Roles that make it easy to give the permission your Users need right out of the box

You can find the Consensus Roles & Permissions by clicking the gear icon () in the upper right hand corner and then selecting 'Manage Users & Access':

the 'Roles & Permissions' tab contains all of the System Roles as well as any Custom Roles you create:

We'll start by reviewing the System Roles available within Consensus. Below is a quick breakdown of the permissions that each of these System Roles has:

Now let’s dig into what each of these areas of permission represents:

Lets review some of the limitations within a few of the System Roles

  • Sales Snap Creator
    • Share Demos - These Users can only Copy, Edit, or Manage Single Video Demos
  • Presales
    • Manage Shared Demos - These Users can only delete Demos they have created
  • View Only
    • For All pages available to this role, these Users can view data but cannot edit or manage anything  

Group Owner Permissions

Group Owners can be set within Groups that give these Users special permissions to manage the Users within their Groups and Subgroups. Below are the permissions granted to those set as Group Owners:

Learn more about Setting up Groups and Group Owners here

Custom Roles

If these Standard Roles don’t meet your needs for your Users, you can create Custom Roles that allow you to set up a custom set of permissions. Custom Roles can be created from within the Roles & Permissions page by selecting 'Add Role':

Clicking Add Role will bring you to the New Role page where you can set the Name and permissions available within the Role.

You can use one of the Standard Roles as a template to work from by selecting the Role that most closely resembles the Custom Role you want to create within the Access drop-down:

Selecting one of these Standard Roles will automatically add the permissions available to that role in the Access available to the Custom Role. From there you can now customize the permissions by adding or removing any permissions needed:

You can expand each of the Access areas to customize the permissions for the role.

Admin Demo Access

This Demo Management permissions gives the User FULL access to all Demos within your Account. They will see all demos within their My Demos tab and will have complete demo permissions for them, the same as an Admin role User would. Because this permission gives such a high level of access, there are a few checks in place to help you make sure it is limited to just those Users you want.

  • Admin Demo Access can only be granted by those with said permission.
    • Users without this permission will see the Admin Demo Access as disabled
  • Only Users with Admin Demo Access can assign a role with this permission to a User
    • Users without this permission will not see Roles that contain the Admin Demo Access


NOTE: All roles (including Custom Roles) automatically have access to the My Profile page to ensure that your Users can update their personal information as needed. 


Once your Custom Role is ready to go, simply click Save to add the new Role to your account. Once saved, you will see your new Role appear in the Roles & Permissions page and can then assign your Users this new Custom Role.

You can edit your Users’ Roles within the Users tab just right of the Roles & Permissions tab. This can be done by quickly editing the Role directly within the Users table, or by selecting the Edit icon () and adjusting the Users Role within the Edit User page.

Demo Permissions

Demo Permissions within Roles allow Users 'Up to' that Access. For each individual Demo you can determine what level of Access you want the User to have. This is broken down into four levels:

  • Can Use - This allows Users to 'Use' the Demo to create DemoBoards or Public links (based on their Role Permissions)
  • Can Edit - This allows Users to edit the DemoPlayer aspects of the Demo such as Video, Logos, Documents, Features, etc...
  • Can Manage - This allows Users to manage the backend aspects of the Demo such as Demo Access and Tracking elements, along with Deleting, Archiving and Unarchiving
  • Is Owner - The Demo Owner has Full Access to the Demo and is the only one (other than Admins) that can Permanently Delete or Restore a deleted Demo

This level of Access can be updated after the User has been granted Access, so if you need to bump up or down the level of Access, you can do so at any time.

NOTE: When giving Demo Access to a Group (or All), only 'Can Use' Access can be granted

That's it! Now your Users are set with their new Custom Role and can access the platform based on the permissions you have set for them.